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Above ground pool walls and repair kits.
Wall repair kit u-tube video
In the past if you discovered rust on your pool wall it meant a wall replacement or even worse a pool replacement. Not anymore. If you discover a rust line running down from your skimmer and or return fitting you should be taking action immediately. That is the # 1 areas of the pool wall that give way first. If you are changing your liner and discover rust, you should think twice before installing your liner over the rusted area. Out of sight, out of mind is not the way to go. Just because you had the pool filled with water just days before does not mean that the wall is just fine. You would not believe the amount of damage a wall of water can do until you see it in your own back yard. Repairing your pool wall with just a piece of sheet metal is also not a good idea. Sheet metal is to ridgid and will not hold up to the immense water pressure. Home owners often inhance the the problem by simply taping or installing the patch with rivets or sheet metal screws. Hopkins Pools wall kits are made of 100% above ground pool wall material so you can be assured that you are putting the best on your pool. Hopkins Pools also gives you full instructions that are easy to follow.
Now you can repair your above ground without replacing your pool wall. All wall kits are made of above ground pool wall material. Your wall repair kit is just a phone call away. Just answer a few questions like how many feet of wall is rusted? How tall is your wall 48”, 52” or 54”? Aluminum or steel wall. All wall kits are filled to order in one to three day and shipped out to you. Kit will include wall section to your specifications, nuts, bolts and drill bit. Everything you will need to make the necessary repairs. Kits are available 4', 6' and 8' wide. Single area patches are available if you just need to repair one specific area such as just around the return fitting. Please note that if you have rust running down the wall, it will be necessary to install a full height wall kit. Call for patch kit prices. Call for details. 4' wide kits start at $275.00. 6' kits are $350.00. 8' kits are $425.00. Shipping and handling to most areas run between $25.00 to $52.00 on full size kits. . And Hopkins Pools makes you a 5 Year offer. If for ( any ) reason you need to replace your pool in the 5 Years you can go to our web site, pick out a full pool package and we will discount that purchase in the amount you spent on our pool wall kit less shipping. Call us today if you have any questions. Feel free to text us pictures if you need a professional opion. 504-915-9659 If you would like to order a wall repair kit Just give us a call a 504-915-9659 while we are under construction for our new site or contact me at Thanks
Wall Replacement
Wall replacement is available upon request. You may call us at 504-738-5442 or contact us and give details of size of pool and wall height, Steel or aluminum.
Other services and installations offered
Installations of Spa, Hot Tubs, Saunas, Tanning Beds, Gazebos (custom and kits), Custom Decks, Cement Patios, Patio Covers (wood or aluminum), Arbor / Trellis Tops and more.
Need to dig a hole for your pool installation or you just having trouble with a stump or roots? We can help! We offer Stump Grinding and General Excavation Services as well.
Hopkins Pools is proud to say that we install what we sell. Whether you have purchased a Spa, Hot Tub, Sauna or one of our many other products, we are at your service. Doing the project yourself but maybe still need some pointers? No Problem! We’re here to help. We have a team ready to help you for whatever back yard project you have on your wish list. Don’t forget. Hopkins Pools offers Stump grinding for those of you who have stumps or roots holding up your project. Also our general excavation service to help you prepare your site with leveling, Trenching for plumbing and electrical, hole digs for your pool project. And last, our sod removal service for you do-it-yourselfers. One of the hardest things you will ever do is to try to remove the grass from your back yard project. Try this service today. It will save you time, it’s cheap, and most of all it will save your back.
Pricing for the above listed installations in most cases is a must see. Just fill out the contact us form and someone will be back with you shortly. Be sure to specify the project you wish installed.

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