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We here at Hopkins pools pride ourselves in doing a quality installation for our customers. In a typical installation we will lay out the pool area so you can see precisely where the pool is to be located. Then the grass is removed from the area. We over cut the area so after the pool is installed you can maintain a grass free area of about 18” around the pool. The site is then leveled using a surveyor’s instrument. Base pack is assembled on blocks keeping the pool in-round or in- oval shape, which you have purchased. Mason sand and is added as needed on the bottom. The ground is compacted, and then two different chemicals are applied to prevent grass intrusion. All is covered with visqueen. This last step will differ if you purchased Armor Shield, or the Perfect Bottom system. The wall is erected. The liner is inserted and vacuumed into place. This giving you the smoothest bottom possible. Next is the trim out. All uprights, top seat rails and finish caps are installed. Next your equipment. We start by setting down cement pads to make a firm base. The equipment is then assembled in place. Skimmer and return fitting (s) are installed. Everything is then plumbed using 1 ½ inch PVC pipe. Every pool the same. Perfect! But that’s not all. We offer the lowest  installation prices in the area and all of work is done in house. No subs. Think that's it? Not yet! We go one step further. Upon delivery of your above ground pool if we are not there to start your job within 2 days (weather permitting) you will receive an additional 10% off your installation price.  Prices are listed below.

Here at Hopkins pools we also offer excavation services should you want your above ground pool set part way
in-ground. From the excavation of the hole, sod removal, assembly of the pool, equipment hookup, plumbing installation, electrical hookup, cement or wood deck finishes, all types of patio covers, gazebos, arbor and trellis tops, cement, and cement stamping.  We do it all. Contact us
We also cater to the do-it-yourselfer who may just want help with part of an installation such as the dig, assembly, liner insertion, finishing touches like cement, decking and more. Contact us
Be sure to view our wholesale priced In-ground and above ground pools and products, toys and floaters, back yard tiki / bamboo bars, gazebos (custom and kits), yard furnishings and more. Over 17000 in stock wholesale priced products at your fingertip.
 For questions concerning pool installations, please contact us  or call 504-738-5442 
Excavation Service
For those of you who wish to install your pool in-ground, we offer an in house excavation service to help you prepare your site with leveling, Hole dig, Trenching for plumbing and electrical. No prices are listed below as we will have to see the project before quoting.      Contact us
Stump Grinding Service
Hopkins Pools offers Stump grinding too, for those of you who have stumps or roots holding up your project. No prices are listed below as we will have to see the project before quoting.     Contact us
Sod Removal Service
Here at Hopkins we know that one of the hardest and most frustrating jobs to do for your pool installation is the removal of the sod. As a do-it-yourselfer you have to go pick up a sod cutter, operate an unfamiliar machine then clean and return the machine on time. Some homeowners opp to shovel the grass or use a pick axe. Some just skip this removal process and apply chemicals. But, in a short while they pay the price. We have a simpler solution. For a price slightly over the cost of a rental we will come out and remove the grass for you. No pick up. No cleaning the machine and no bringing back that heavy machine. This means no backache for you.  We also offer ground leveling for pool installations, ground treatment for grass intrusion, sod removal for side walks, patios, driveways and garden areas, pool installations products. Prices are listed below.

2011 Pool installation price list                                                                    
Your installation includes:   
  • Removal of sod,                                                                                 
  • Black visqueen,
  • Mason sand,
  • Ground treatment
  • Pool assembly,
  • Complete installation of pump and filter.                                                                              
Your installation does not include:   
  • Assembly of deck and ladder,
  • Installation of steps,
  • Hauling of sod,
  • Electrial hookups,
Please note: Out of area installations are available, please Contact us or call for pricing:  504-743-5442.

Round pools: --------Hard wall
12'------------  $495.00
15' ------------ $575.00
18' ------------ $595.00
21' ------------ $655.00
24' ------------ $695.00
27' ------------ $790.00
30' ------------ $980.00
33'------------- $1100.00
  Ovals pools: -----------Hard wall
10'x15'----------------------  $620.00
12'x18'----------------------  $760.00
12'x24'----------------------  $885..00
15'x24'----------------------  $960.00
16'x26'----------------------  $1000.00
15'x30'----------------------  $1,075.00
16'x32'----------------------  $1,125.00
18'x33'----------------------  $1,170.00
Splasher pools
12' round-------------------$375.00
15' round-------------------$425.00
18' round-------------------$490.00

Soft wall pools
Bottom Main Drain Installation $100.00
Light Installations $15.00
Auto Chlors, Frogs, Salt Water, Nature 2 Purifier Installations $20.00
Installation of 2nd Return Futting Near Equipment $15.00
Installation of 2nd Skimmer or Return Fitting at other end of Pool $125.00
Additional Digging beyong 6" out of level. ( Call for price )
Note: Pools are installed on your level ground; holes for pools to be set in ground - ( Call for price ). Call us for details on hole particulars BEFORE digging yourself!
Call for price
Extra charges for pools set in ground. Please note: This price is not for the pool dig.   $125.00
per ft

Additional Notes:

  • No implied warranty on liner due to nut grass intrusion.
  • All liner repairs or replacements due to nut grass intrusion will be an additional charge.
  • Six month warranty on all pvc pipes and fittings
  • Please note that there is no implied warranty do to settling of the pool
  • Pools are installed on your level ground. Additional leveling beyound 6" will be at an extra charge
  • Holes for pools to be set in-ground are at an extra charge. Home owners wishing to to dig there own holes must first contact us to get specifications and a install date before digging. Please see the F.A. Q's for digging instructions.

Sod removal price list (Local area). 

Note: We provide sod removal for pools, patios, decks,side walks, drive ways, gardens  and more. All prices listed below are stated for above ground pools only. Sizes listed below are over cut about 18” so after pool is installed you have a grass free zone around pool. Sod cutting for other projects listed or not, please Contact us or call for price at 504-738-5442

 Sod removal price chart 
     Round pools                                                                              Oval pools
12' rd                                            $80.00
10'x15'                                             $80.00
15'rd                                             $90.00
12'x18'                                             $80.00
18'rd                                             $100.00
12'x24'                                             $100.00
21'rd                                             $115.00
15'x24'                                             $115.00
24'rd                                             $125.00
16'x26'                                             $125.00
27'rd                                             $150.00
16'x26'                                             $125.00
30'rd                                             $165.00
15'x30'                                             $140.00
33'rd                                             $180.00
18'x33'                                             $170.00

Swimming pool removal.    For Gunite and above ground pools. Prices for Gunite pool removal is by estimate only. Fill in contact us form and specify service needed or if you have any questions call 504-738-5442
Prices for above ground pool take down are listed below. Please note that if you are taking down a pool to be relocated and re-installed you must combine the take down price listed below and the new installation price found in the installation of above ground pools to get a total for your project. Also keep in mind when doing a project like this you must replace the liner. Other items that will need to be replaced are the sand for the filter, and gaskets for the liner. Sand and gaskets should run you about $50.00 depending on the size of your filter. Liner samples and prices are available in the store. Fill in contact us form and specify service needed or if you have any questions call 504-738-5442
 Liner Change for in-ground pools.  Project is priced per pool after review and whether or not you would like us to drain and clean the pool. Also size, depth and location may vary prices. Repairs to bottom of pool are extra. If you require the pool to be re-measured for a new liner the standard service call will apply. Installation of liner with pool empty range from $850.00 to $2500.00. Please note that this does not include the liner. New in-ground liners can be found in the store. Fill in the contact us form and specify service needed or if you have any questions please call 504-738-5442
 Liner change for above ground pools.    For prices please see chart below.     Note: The cost of the liner is not included in below price quote.
Note:  Price will be determined on size of pool, depth of pool, age of pool, decking around pool and how much. In order to get our cheapest rate, pool must be 100% empty and free of any trash, leafs, etc: All pools are allotted one wheel barrow load of sand to doctor up the bottom of pool. Spot treatment of chemicals for grass intrusion where needed. Liners are cut in several sections and placed in trash. No haul away. Extra sand and full treatment of chemicals for grass intrusion is an extra charge. A minimum charge of $75.00 and up will be charged with any pool having 1” to 6” of water remaining to be pumped out. At no time will slug water or water with heavy debris be pumped out. All areas around pool must be free and clear of plants, debris and grass cut in yard. Pools having part or full decking are subject to extra charges. Liner changes for pools install in-ground are subject to extra charges. For samples and prices on above ground pool liners you can visit the store. Fill in contact us form and specify service needed or if you have any questions call 504-738-5442
We also cater to the do-it-yourselfer who may just want help with part of an installation such as the dig, assembly, liner insertion, finishing touches like cement, decking and more. Contact us
Be sure to view our in-ground and above ground pool products, toys and floaters, back yard tiki / bamboo bars, gazebos, yard furnishings and more .

In town Liner change price list for above ground pools. Liner not included in below prices.
Visit our store and select liner.

 Please note that all prices quoted are price ranges. Final price will be determined on above mentioned factors.
12’ and 15’ round pools
$250.00 to $300.00
18’ and 21’ round pools
$375.00 to $425.00
30’ round pool
$475.00 to $525.00
12’x24’/ 15’x24’/ 15’x25’ Oval pools
$325.00 to $375.00
16’x26’/ 15’x30’/ 16’x32’ Oval pools
$400.00 to $475.00
18’x33’ Oval pool
$475.00 to $525.00
Please note if your size of pool is not listed. Contact us for price quote
Above ground pool removal Price list (in town)
Note: Take down only price includes the take down of the pool, removal of sand from sand filter (if required), and any plastic coverings on bottom of pool. Placement of pool components in shed, garage, liner and trash to be placed in front on residents for trash pickup. Pool must be 100% empty and free of debris. Please note that the hauling of pool to dump is an extra charge.
Take down and haul refers to the taking down of pool and transporting the pool components to a new residence in our same local area. Placement of pool components in shed, garage, liner and trash to be placed in front on residence for pickup. Pool must be 100% empty and free of debris. Please note that the hauling of pool to dump is an extra charge. If dump haul is required please contact us or call 504-738-5442
                    Pools to be transported out of area please call for price at 504-738-5442 or Contact us 
Round pools / Take down only / Take down & haul      Oval pools / Take down only / Take down & Haul
12’RD                      $247.50               add       $75.00
12’x18’                  $380.00                add      $75.00
15’RD                      $287.50               add       $75.00
12’x24’                  $442.50                add      $75.00    
18’RD                      $297.50               add       $75.00
15’x24’                  $480.00                add      $75.00
21’RD                      $327.50               add       $75.00
16’x26’                  $485.00                add      $75.00
24’RD                      $347.50               add       $75.00
15’x30’                  $537.00                add      $100.00
27’RD                      $395.00               add       $100.00
16’x32’                  $562.50                add      $100.00
30’RD                      $490.00               add       $100.00
18’x33’                  $585.00                add      $100.00
33’RD                      $550.00               add       $100.00
18’x40’                  $685.00                add      $150.00

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