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Hi! My name is David Hopkins. Owner of Hopkins & Sons L.L.C.. Together with my three sons we offer you the home owner over 40 years experience in the swimming pool industry. Whether your needs are purchasing your pool or related pool products at a wholesale price, turn key customer service, assistance in the purchase of your new pool or pool parts, maintaining your pool, or providing support services to the do-it-yourself pool owner who is installing a new pool or liner, or home owners who wish to have us install there above ground pool or change there liner, we are there for you!  

With Hopkins pools we offer you the latest techniques for the  installation of our products to insure you a quality installation. As you know a job done wrong will shorten the life of your pool and cost hundreds of extra dollars in chemicals above and beyond regular maintenance costs. Take the chemicals for treating the ground for grass intrusion. Did you know by using the wrong chemical to treat the ground that you could shorten the life of your liner by 90%. Its true. What about during set up? Did you know by placing the skimmer and return fitting in the wrong place that you will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars extra in chemicals to treat your water. Equipment size is important too. Over sized pumps and filters sounds good but my cost hundreds in electricity each year. Under sized is just as costly. Don't worry. Here at Hopkins we go over everything from permitting the job, pool location, equipment size and location, exterior maintenance, equipment operation of your equipment once your pool is installed. Shop with us today and get financing as low as 6.78% thru Lending Club. You also get 1 % cash back when you finance.

Be sure to view our wholesale priced in-ground and above ground pools and products, toys and floaters, back yard tiki / bamboo bars, gazebos (custom and kits), yard furnishings and more. Over 17000 in stock wholesale priced products at your fingertips. Contact us

Hopkins Pools Specializes In:

  • Above ground pool kits,
  • In-ground pool kits,
  • Pool installations,
  • Liner changes,
  • Above ground pools installed in ground,
  • Take down and removal of above ground pools,
  • Equipment change out,
  • Filter sand change,
  • Patio Covers and Furniture,
  • Decks and Gazebos more...
  • Excavations
To learn more about how Hopkins Pools can assist you, please Contact us at 504-738-5442 or email  We can help!

Cant Find What Your Looking For? Call 504-738-5442
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